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"We're All About Multifunctional, Healthy, and Flawless Cosmetics!"

Be Beautiful, Be Confident, Be Loola

About Us

Founded by  a certified Biochemist, and medical aesthetician. The cosmetics line is created for beauty professionals by beauty professionals. Our mission is to create a high level of beauty innovation that is accessible to beauty lovers as well as artists with the most convenient, customizable, easy to use, multi-purpose line of products with a diverse variety of colors in the industry. We want to inspire creativity and artistry in our average consumer by providing the most efficient beauty solutions. Our product line is healthy, cruelty-free, non-carcinogenic, and long-lasting. Not only is the product an amazing investment, the consumer can feel confident that they are wearing products crafted with them in mind . All products are also made in an environmentally conscious way. All the products are also available at affordable rates. Ultimately, a smarter way of cosmetic enhancement.

Product line and Distribution

Manufactured in a diverse country like Canada, the diversity of the products do not disappoint. Loola is indeed a luxury brand. Products include lipsticks, lip glosses eye liners, eyeshadows and many more on the drawing boards. As of recently the lipstick collection is available for online purchase e.g our amazing Rocks tar blue lipstick. But in this ever expanding markets, there is need to spread out to a wider market. Distributors in Canada and many other Countries will have special privilege. 


Loola Beauty Hybrids

The Power of Multi-functional


Sometimes we complicate things. 

We feel the need to dress it up

Add more or fancy it up. 

When all along it is just perfect, as is. 

Make Up should never complicated.

We don't need to carry 20 lipsticks,

15 eyeshadows, and 21 brushes

around to create one look, when we make 6

products that are extremely effective. 

Beauty should be compact, sexy, and effective 

"not too heavy, not too light.”

Loola is a product line inspired by diversity and beauty traveler's 

 -I. E. Shabi