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The New Breed : Beauty Hybrid Products Featured

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Written by E.S Monday, 07 November 2016 04:25;
Published in Blog;

 Beauty lovers and enthusiasts often find their drawers and makeup bags cluttered with cosmetics, but these multipurpose beauty products (we at Loola refer to them as beauty hybrids) prove that minimalism can go a long way. In order to make the most of the money they spend and for convenience, many savvy beauty shoppers are making the smart choice to purchase single products that are double duty(multi-functional).  We’ve been fans of many-in-1 products ever since technology came along. Call it our inner lazy doll, but there’s something incredibly appealing about any product that saves us time, money, and reduces clutter. We do the same with out beauty routine — why use two or three products when you could use just one to accomplish the same effect? Enter the new generation of beauty product hybrids. Loola's Hybrid beauty line wins all the major factors! (from convenience to price), we intend to launch these products during the holidays.





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