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5 Blush Tips You Should Know

5 Blush Tips You Should Know

Applying blush seems easy enough. You pick the product up with a brush and swipe it across your cheeks. It is as simple as that but there are ways to up your blush game and achieve a different look every time. Here are 5 tips for improved blush application.

What’s your range

In an earlier blog post, we spoke about optimal blush shades for different skin complexions. However, we did not mean to imply that you have to stick to one shade. Having a staple blush shade to brighten your complexion is great. Still, feel free to explore similar tones in other colors. Yes, you can try an apricot, mauve or rose blush

Application Is Everything

A light swipe of blush on your cheeks can do wonders for your complexion. But did you know blush can change the shape of your face too? Sweep the blush from your cheeks up to your forehead for a rosy contour. Pat some blush on the balls of your cheeks to get a fuller face. 

You can bring the blush into your lower eyelid or upper eyelids for a different look. For a button nose, brush some blush on your nose before you head out.

Don’t Smile

Applying blush is an important step in makeup application, and it requires the proper technique to get the desired look. In the past decade, we’ve learned that applying blush was best done by smiling first and then placing the blush.

The problem with this is smiling moves the face’s muscles upwards. Applying the blush while smiling can give you a droopy look once your face is relaxed. It is best practice to assume a neutral face and place the bush right where you want it.

Choose The Right Brush

A brush that's too large can make your blush application a nightmare. For proper control, it's best to use a blush brush. In the absence of that, you can apply blush with a small powder brush, a make-up sponge or your fingers.

You Can Tone It Down

A heavy-handed blush application can be the look you are going for. If it is not, all is not lost. Applying a light coat of translucent powder over your blush and buffing it in will reduce its intensity and save the day.



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