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Be Part Of The High Blush Trend

Be Part Of The High Blush Trend

It's unmistakable, we are in a blush era. Everyone is trying every possible shade of blush and doing away with all the old rules. The blush-on-eyes trend can be a fun and playful way to experiment with make-up. Our favorite blush trend is the high blush and here's how you can be a part of it. 

  •  Choose the right shade: Choose a blush shade that complements your skin tone and eye color. Peach and coral shades are universally flattering, while pink shades work well on fair skin. Our favorite universal blush is our Tropicana blush, a toasted orange blush that looks great on all skin tones.
  • Use a light hand: Start with your cheeks and bring the blush into the corner of your eyes. Apply blush to your eyes with a light hand, building up the color gradually. Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend the blush outwards towards your temples. Dab a bit on your nose if you'd like to bring warmth to the center of your face.

  • Keep the rest of your makeup simple: Keep the rest of your makeup simple to let your eyes be the focus. Use a light foundation or tinted moisturizer, a coat of mascara, and a neutral lip color like our Toronto Lip Hybrid.

  • Experiment with placement: Don't be afraid to experiment with different placements of the blush on your eyes. You can apply it all over your eyelids, or just on the outer corners for a more subtle look.

  • Mix and match textures: Try layering different textures, like a cream blush topped with a powder blush, to create a multidimensional look.

  • Consider your outfit: Consider the outfit you're wearing and choose a blush shade that complements it. For example, a berry blush would look great with a white dress or top.

Remember, makeup is all about having fun and expressing yourself, so don't be afraid to experiment and try new things!


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