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The Complete Guide to Getting the Clean Girl Make-Up Look

The Complete Guide to Getting the Clean Girl Make-Up Look

If you’ve been on the internet this summer, you’ve come across the “Clean Girl Look”. The effortless make-up look is a part of the Clean Girl Aesthetic. The clean girl makeup look is perfect for those who want to look polished but still maintain a natural and healthy appearance. The term “clean” in this context means minimal, natural and easy to achieve. Goodbye to the hour-long make-up looks. Skin is in! We've got all the details on how to get the look.

How To Get the Clean Girl Make-Up Look

  1. Perfect The Base

The clean girl look is all about skin and we love it. Getting the dewy, glowy look that is the highlight of the look starts with prepping your skin. Go in with a hydrating serum, a rich moisturizer and sunscreen. If you have oily or combination skin, go in with your favorite primer.

  1. Complexion Time

Next up, go in lightly with a concealer one shade brighter than your skin under your eyes, the bridge of your nose, your forehead and chin. Blend it in with a damp sponge. If you have some blemishes you’d like to cover up, go in with a concealer shade your skin tone to spot-correct.

The look requires minimal complexion products, if for some reason you require coverage all over you could use a tinted moisturizer before concealer. Set your skin with translucent powder if you wish and move to the next step

  1. Fluffy, Feathered Brows

Ditch the precision with your brows. Brush them out with brow wax. Fill the sparse spots out if you need to. Get going.

  1. Sweet Cheeks

A pillar of the clean girl look is a flushed, healthy complexion. Brush your favorite blush on your cheeks. We love our rosy blush- Fast Track. Add some more glow on your cheeks and other high points of your face with a highlighter.

  1. Light Eyes

All you need is a few coats of mascara on your upper and lower lashes

  1. Neutral Lips

Finish the look off with lip gloss or your favorite nude lip compo. Our favorite is an ombre you can get with the Monte Carlo Hybrid Lip Sculptor.

Tips To Elevate Your Clean Girl Look

  • Take your blush up to your eyes
  • Use a light brown eye pencil in your water line for brighter eyes
  • Apply a neutral eyeshadow for a little bit of color. You can pick a neutral from our Pilot Palette
  • Mix a little bit of liquid highlighter into your concealer or tinted moisturizer for some extra glow.

 Follow these steps and you'll have the quick look down in no time.



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