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What Make-Up Is In Your Hand Bag? Find Out What Necessities You Need To Have!


Welcome to 2023! For this year, we are ditching overpacking and this means editing our handbag’s makeup to what we need. There’s a huge allure to packing every single thing but on most days we both know you use the same 3 products. So, here’s a guide on your handbag’s make-up necessities.

Blotting Powder

If nothing else, you need some powder in your bag. Whether it’s your compact powder or some blotting powder, the choice is yours. Some powder is perfect for refreshing a look as it starts to wear out as the day progresses. Even when you’re not wearing makeup, the blotting powder will come in handy to absorb any natural oils on your face. Just as a reminder, don’t forget to change or clean that puff regularly.

Lip Gloss

No one has ever regretted some gloss in their bag. It helps plump your lips and is great for reapplication as well. We recommend Tonga Hybrid Shine for a clear gloss with an edge.

Lip Balm

Want some nourishment without shine? Then you need some lip balm. Lip balms are lightweight and will fit into any purse. Lip balm offers your lips hydration, nourishment and protection from sun damage. Toss one in there.

The Optional

Since we’ve discussed the absolute necessities. Let’s get into what you can toss in if you’ve got some more space


Keep a lip liner and eyeliner in your purse to turn up a look in a few minutes. Lip liners tend to move around a lot so having one to touch up will be great especially if you wear lip liners. Save space with any of our Hybrids which combine 2 lip products one of which can always be used as a lip liner

That’s it for us. We’ve stripped things down to the straight basics. Of course, you can talk about some more products. But look back at the last 3 times you have had to touch your face up. What did you use? We recommend using smudge-proof eye and cheek products like ours which will have you packing light. Look into using the right setting spray for your skin type that will make sure looks last longer.





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