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How To Get Siren Eyes Now


It is hard to miss the foxy and sultry look that the siren eye make-up look gives. The lifted, feline look gives a mysterious allure and we are here for it! Thank goodness the look isn’t hard to achieve and you probably have all you need to make the look possible

How Do You Get The Siren Look

The siren eye is quite similar to a smokey eyeliner look we all love. It is just a bit different in intensity and placement. The siren eye look is quite intense, especially at the outer corners of the eye. The classic cat eye flick in the inner corner of the eye is important for finishing the feline look

Let’s get into it

  • The first step is to prep your eyelid with a neutral eyeshadow to trap all the oils. There are so many neutrals to choose from in our Pilot Palette.
  • Next up you go in with an eye pencil or liner drawing a wing as you normally would but starting closer to the middle of the eyelids as opposed to the front. Flick your hand upward to give you a lifted wing. The wing can be as long or as short as you want it to be. A good tip is to start with the lighter color first if you aren’t doing a monochrome look. Colored siren eyes are also in and they add to the allure of the look
  • Take the same eye pencil or liner and line your bottom lash line starting from the middle as opposed to the start of the lash line. Make sure your bottom line and the wing above connect. This is an optional step.
  • Add a cat eye stroke in the inner corner of your eye with the pencil or liner.
  • Nex up, go in with your dark eyeshadow and smudge the eye pencil or eyeliner following the path you have drawn.
  • Clean up your wing with a wet q-tip or some concealer on a flat brush.

And that’s all you need to get the dark, sexy look that the siren eye make-up gives.




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