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Get The Cold Girl Make Up Look In No Time

Get The Cold Girl Make Up Look In No Time

If there's something Tiktok is good at, it's manufacturing beauty trends and we aren't mad about it. The latest? The Cold girl look, is a beauty with a wintry kiss, the basics mimic the appearance of a face exposed to winter. Think flushed cheeks, and cherry lips, on a matte base with a frosty glint.

The Cold Girl trend is an offshoot of the Clean Girl Trend and it is a perfect look for these wintry months. Keep reading to find out all you need to walk out of the house looking like you're on vacation in the Swiss Alps

What Do You Need To Get The Cold Girl Look

A Solid Base

Matte Matte Matte. Think of a 2016 beat but less cakey. Go over your favorite foundation with some setting powder to put that base in place. 

Light Brows

It's 2023, and you've perfected the feathered brow. Go in with brow gel and fill with light hair-like strokes. There you go.

Pinched Cheeks

Get freshly pinched cheeks with swathes of pink or orange powder blush. Our Vino Planet Blush is the superior option. The more blush the better. Brush the blush on your nose to look extra chilly. 

Frosty Eyes and Cheeks.

We want a hint of being frost-kissed. Swipe a small amount of a cool-toned highlighter or eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes. Last Minute Upgrade in all its pink silver is perfect for the job. Go in heavy with the mascara for fluttery lashes.

Next up place the same highlight on your nose, cheekbones and browbone

Icy Kiss

Finish off your look with a pink or peachy lip color or gloss. A pro tip is to place a berry-toned lip color at the center of your lip and feather it out to create a reverse ombré effect. Top it off with a clear or silvery gloss.


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