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Kid Core Make Up At Any Age


Think bold big strokes on your eyes. Think gradient blushes. Think Indigo Lips. One of the biggest trends of the past years is Kid Core. Kid Core is all about tapping into that well of playfulness and adventure of childhood and expressing it with your beauty looks.

 Recovering from the pandemic and rejecting the Clean Girl Aesthetic, Kid Core abandons perfection and subtlety and just has fun! The best part of kid core make-up is you don't need to be a pro. Because it emphasizes creativity, imperfections add flair and individuality to your make-up. How can you get into the aesthetic without looking like a 2-year-old that’s been left with a box of crayons? Well, Keep reading

How Can You Do Kid Core

Kid Core make-up can feel like a lot but there are simple ways to ease into it. You can include just an element or two to if you don’t feel like going all out

  • Baby’s Flush Blush. Achieve the playful look by placing your blush on the tip of your nose. It will have you looking cute and cartoon-like
  • Choose a vivid matte or metallic color for your eyelids. Our favorite colored metallics are in the Cockaigne palette.
  • Go in with some graphic liner. Ditch the classic cat eye for multiple lines, squiggles or dots. Pick a color from the rainbow or if you're feeling shy a dark brown or purple will do.
  • Drag your eyeshadow across the bridge of your nose to your second eyelid. It’s a unibrow for your eyelid
  • Gradients are in. Use multiple colors to create gradients on your cheeks, lips or eyes
  • Put on coloured lashes instead of black. A beauty hack is to use a liquid eyeshadow to color some black lashes
  • Embellish away. Rhinestones, studs, pearls, and stickers can really take the look up a notch. 
  • Use bright unconventional colors for your lips. A blue lip liner? Why not?
  • For a pop of color with a pared-back look, use colored eyeliner for your bottom lash line.

Kid Core’s essence is fun. Release dopamine and lift your mood with these imaginative tips and vivid colors.


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