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The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Make-Up Brush Set

The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Make-Up Brush Set

Make-up brushes make or break your make-up application. They give you the ability to achieve the precise application of your make-up products. It can feel like such a difficult position to select a brush set. We are here to help.

Tips For Choosing A Brush Set

Decide on your budget

How much are you willing to spend? Decide on this and purchase the best brush set your budget can afford. It is important to understand that make-up brushes are not the place to skimp. High-quality brushes can last for many years. Cheap brushes tend to apply make-up products poorly and shed their hair after a short period of use.

Balance Is Everything

You don’t want a brush set that has only 3 brushes. You need at least four; a large powder brush, a smaller brush for blush and highlighter and a fluffy and flat eyeshadow brush. You also don’t want to purchase a brush set with 30 eyeshadow brushes. You usually don’t need that many and many of the brushes can do the same thing. A good number is anywhere from 5-15 brushes.  The essentials and a few more brushes to make your make-up application easier.

Read Reviews

Check out reviews on the brush set you want to buy. This will save you wasting money on poor brush sets. Reviews will also make sure your brush set serves your current needs

Care For Your Brushes

As an extra tip, your brushes need proper care to last.  Clean them regularly with gentle soap and warm water.

We recommend our Limited Edition 7 brush set with stylish silver ferrule handles. The set comprises 3 face brushes and 4 eye brushes made with quality synthetic hairs that pick up product efficiently without excess absorption. Our brushes can handle wet and dry products, frequent use and cleaning without shedding




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